Audibot is alive.

Audibot Broadcasts Audio onto the Internet. And it's Open Source.

Audibotâ„¢ is an Linux-based audio device that Tables Turned distributes to radio stations and music venues. Connect it to an audio source and it automatically records, formats, and uploads MP3 recordings to any website. It also broadcasts an Internet radio stream.

It's multi-user, which makes it perfect for use in college (and pirate!) radio stations. Each DJ or sound board operator can operate Audibotâ„¢ by inserting their own uniquely encoded USB key into the front of the device. After the show is over, the DJ simply removes their key - after that, the show is available only minutes later on the web, and in iTunes.

And it's based on Linux, so it's all open source. We hope to work with groups of people who want to help replace (or destroy) the corrupt vestiges of corporate broadcast companies. Do you have a good use for an Internet broadcast device? Loathe the FCC?

Become your own radio station. Or if you're a non-profit organization, we can work with you to obtain a hardware grant for an Audibot made from a recycled PC.

What is this?

Tables Turned enables radio stations, music venues, magazines, and other independent media outlets to broadcast their own audio shows. But unlike old media giants, all of our network partners keep control of every aspect of their creations. Corporate involvement is no longer necessary.

Welcome to Tables Turned.